Your UK Passport - Name of your choice!

We are selling original UK Passports made with your info/picture.
Also, your info will get entered into the official passport database.
So its possible to travel with our passports.
How we do it? Trade secret!
Information on how to send us your info and pictures will be given after purchase!

You can even enter the UK/EU with our passports, we can just add a stamp for the country you are in!
Ideal for people who want to work in the EU/UK.

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Your original UK passport with your info/pictures2000 GBP = 0.2374 BTC

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Shipping is FREE.
we are shipping from the UK!

Order process

After you bought a passport, we will contact you on the shop message system and give you all details about what info we need, pictures etc. If you have any question, contact us via (pgp key)